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NOVA Zarthrimin Oral Powder [ 4g x 30 sachets ]


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* MOH Certified : MAL 08031456T

* Source of glucosamine is derived from seafood.

* First 3 months of pregnancy should be avoided

Zarthrimin Oral Powder contains glucosamine sulphate derived from seafood, known to help with joint pain and cartilage regeneration.


Each 4g sachet sodium-free Zarthrimin Oral Powder delivers an optimal dose of 1500mg glucosamine sulphate in a pleasant tasting drink, giving you the convenience of once-daily dosing for optimum joint protection.


  • Triple strength formulation
  • Sodium free
  • Easy to drink with fruity flavour

Dosage & Administration

The content of one sachet should be taken orally once daily, 15 minutes before meal.
The recommended duration of therapy is 3 months, and may be repeated after intervals of 2 months (or according to medical prescription). Dissolve 1 sachet of Zarthrimin oral powder in a glass of lukewarm water. Stir well and drink.


Additional Information

  • The therapeutic effect of glucosamine is only seen after 1 week. Therefore, it is advisable to include anti-inflammatory drug (in case of severe pain) during the first few days of treatment with glucosamine.
  •  Keep out of reach of children.
  • The administration in patients with severe hepatic or renal insufficiency should be made under medical supervision.
  • Protect from light and moisture.
  • Store below 30oC.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive heat.
  • Administration during the first 3 months of pregnancy should be avoided.
  • Source of glucosamine is derived from seafood.



Glucosamine sulphate potassium chloride 1990 mg
(Equivalent to 1500 mg glucosamine sulphate)