Active Men

Active Men

Your busy and stressful lifestyles can affect your energy level and performace in life. Men's health matters and it never too late to recharge your man power.

Active Men Set helps improve your reproductive health and performance goals. With the right supplement to address your specific men health concern, you will be able to get the support you need to take your man power to new heights!


      For whom?

  • Men who wish to stay active and energetic throughout the day.
  • Men who are looking for protection and prevention against men's health-related problems.
  • Those who are concerned about performance in the bedroom.


NOVA Arginine 750MG

Arginine stimulates nitric oxide production to improve blood flow for better men's performance.

  • 750mg L-Arginine amino acid.

Unique Advantages

  • Easy-to-swallow small tablet size suitable for individuals with difficulty swallowing.


  • Supports men's sexual health with better stamina and firmness.
  • Improves exercise performance and endurance.

Take 1 tablet three times daily after meals.


NOVA Prostarin

3 in 1 formulation traditionally used to promote healthy prostate function and improve men's well-being.

  • 320mg saw palmetto extract, 80mg pumpkin seed oil & 5mg lycopene.

Unique Advantages

  • ACTISOF Technology enhances absorption by 3 times, ensuring maximum health benefit.
  • Standardized Extracts deliver a consistent, safe and effective dose of nutrients in every softgel.
  • 3 in 1 formulation for intensive prostate protection.


  • Acts as preventive care for men aged 40 and above to maintain a healthy prostate function.
  • Supports normal urinary flow and reduces nighttime bathroom trips associated with enlarged prostates.
  • Helps with hormone-induced hair loss in men.

Take 1 softgel once or twice a daily after meals.



Contains coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and vitamin E to support reproductive compatibility and boost the energy level in men.

  • 100mg CoQ10 (ubiquinone) & 100iu Vitamin E

Unique Advantages

  • ACTISOF Technology enhances absorption by 3 times, ensuring maximum health benefit.
  • Co-Supplementation with Vitamin E prolongs the CoQ10 activity for enhanced health effect.


  • Supports sperm motility and quality by enhancing the sperm's powerhouse (mitochondria) function.
  • Protects the sperm from oxidative injury by neutralizing the harmful free radicals. 
  • Boosts stamina and fights fatigue.

Take 1 softgel once daily after meals.


NOVA Cordycep 

Concentrated and standardized cordyceps extract traditionally used to replenish energy and healthy male hormone level.

  • 200mg standardized Cordyceps synesis extract.

Unique Advantages

  • Standardized Extract delivers a consistent, safe and effective dose containing 14mg cordycepic acid (the active constituent) in every capsule.
  • Highly Concentrated  with 5 times higher in the cordycepic acid than the wild cordyceps.
  • Safe, Free from Heavy Metals and Contaminants due to controlled environment cultivation.


  • Supports a healthy level of male sex hormone (testosterone) for better desire.
  • Enhances daily energy level and fights fatigue. 

Take 2 capsules three times daily after meals.


NOVA Wellness Essentials Premium Pack (30days) 

Build your foundation of good health at the cellular level to achieve excellent health throughout your life.

  • Lifefit Gold
  • Roselle + Flavonoids + C
  • Natura-E 400iu
  • Phyto-9